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Elegance and performance: sun control fabrics

When we started to design our Sunless and Sunless Glass range more than 8 years ago, our engineers had no doubts about the four needs to be covered, all of equal importance: light control, privacy, decoration and energy savings.Our goal was to improve the lighting conditions of a room, as it has been proven to affect our health, behaviour and mood. Therefore, we had to control the amount of light entering a room, minimize annoying reflections caused by light on computer and TV screens, and study the lighting differences between exposed and non-exposed surfaces to solar radiation, etc. Another key factor was to ensure privacy inside the room, always keeping decorative features in mind. Screens play an important role in the decoration of a room and, at the same time, give us privacy, thanks to a well thought-out construction, which allows views from the inside out but not from the outside in. Finally, at a time when preserving the environment is a task that concerns us all, we intend, with our screens, to reduce the air conditioning needs of any space, while significantly improving the effects of sound reverberation. This aspect is discussed in detail later in this leaflet as it is of vital importance.

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We offer two types of home screens: Sunless and Sunless Glass. The first one, made of the highest tenacity polyester, is perfectly flexible to be exposed outdoors and extremely resistant to climate changes thanks to the PVC coating. The second one, very similar to the first, includes fibre glass amongst the elements used in manufacturing, which provides a better dimensional stability. In both cases the result is an elegant awning or curtain which decorates and offers fantastic thermal properties.

Thermal factors and characteristics chart

Sunless and Sunless Glass Thermal factorsSunless and Sunless Glass

5 years limited warranty

Loncar, S.L. (sister company of Citel) conditionally guarantees to its direct customers, namely screen manufacturers, that its Sunless and Sunless Glass line for screen manufacturing meets the technical specifications in the extended warranty for a period of 5 years from the original date of purchase under normal conditions of installation and use, combined with regular maintenance by following our advice on manufacturing and cleaning. For projects and facilities involving tension factors, the use of the Sunless range is always recommended. For outdoor projects and installations (exposed to the elements) the conditions which the material will be subjected to are very difficult to measure or standardise to be able to determine a warranty period, because they can be highly variable; thus, in such projects, the Sunless and Sunless Glass Warranty will be limited to 3 years. Please contact us to receive a full copy of the warranty.

Loncar Sunless Screen 5 year warranty

The collection is produced in both 98’’ and 118’’ widths. Currently not available in USA warehouses. To know more about this product line please follow the links bellow:

Full Sunless& Sunless Glass range (stocked in Barcelona, Spain)