Docril Fabrics Awning

Dress up your outdoor areas with Docril®

Docril® is the best fabric choice when buying an awning, since this product range is made 100% out of solution dyed acrylic fibre, the best raw material and dyeing process known. In the past awnings were made out of cotton fabrics to be fresh but with the objection that cotton, being a natural fibre, rots due to rain and moisture. Since acrylic burst into the awning world, it has replaced cotton and it is now used in most of the awnings. In Spain, more than 97% of the awnings are made with this material. DOCRIL® is not just an acrylic fabric but a solution dyed acrylic fabric, with no mixing or dyeing during the finishing process. The solution dyeing process adds pigments to the molecule of the fibre, creating links that are difficult to break even after some years, and which are much stronger than those from yarn-dyeing or fabric-dyeing. This is the only way to guarantee the maximum quality and durability of our fabrics. There are other alternatives to the acrylic, more economical and of a worse quality, like polypropylene or polyester that, being synthetic fibres as well, are less lasting than acrylic since they are more vulnerable to UV ray and that makes them less workable for outdoor use.

Docril® uses as well Teflon® (registered mark by DuPont) in the finishing process. Teflon® protects the fabric creating a barrier which reinforces the water repellence and delays the dirt adherence. Besides, it does not reduce the air permeability and it is not perceptible to sight, smell and touch.

47" Solids range

60" Solids range

47" Stripes range

Docril Awning 10 year warranty